The end of Dayton?

Bosnia has stepped once more toward a civil war that it professes ardently not to want. Since the beginning of September the chiefs of the biggest Bosniak and Serb political parties have stated that they are prepared for some kind of fight should it come to it. Bakir Izetbegović has quipped that the wartime republican… Continue reading The end of Dayton?

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The problem with science educators

Neil deGrasse Tyson had his weirdest appearance on Joe Rogan's podcast this month. For two and a half hours he spoke with little abeyance, gave his host minimal time to interject or ask questions (at one point demanding to know 'what's interesting' while Rogan was beginning to tell him an interesting fact), and delivered his… Continue reading The problem with science educators


Interventionism: the subject conservatives may not talk about

Another one bites the dust - or perhaps two. The day after John Bolton leaves the White House, cheated by a president who gave him a day to tender his resignation and then fired him promptly on Twitter, Ben Shapiro tried making sense of the situation. Was the embarrassing Taliban affair, for which the responsibility… Continue reading Interventionism: the subject conservatives may not talk about


A government of hopefuls – that the Italians deserve

Today in Italy has begun the second government of connivance since March 2018. After the misfired abjuration of Matteo Salvini a month ago, his cast-off partners, the Five Star Movement, have recomposed a new bicameral majority with the centre-left Democratic Party and the left-wing Free and Equal, plus the informal abetment of a few centre-left… Continue reading A government of hopefuls – that the Italians deserve

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Two variants of brain-dead progressivism

Richard Dawkins has over the last ten years been inching slowly toward an adult view of Islamic bigotry and, coincidentally, a more coherent secular liberalism. In his dawdling progression from 'all religions are equally bad and the West has nothing to teach Muslim societies' to 'all religions are untrue but Islam is the chief present-day… Continue reading Two variants of brain-dead progressivism


The foreign policy of feebleness

Except for the United States, the Western world would gladly settle friendship with Iran and China as if the two were not committed enemies of liberal democracy. When Emmanuel Macron begins warbling on the 'stability of the region' and 'reaching a deal', no body is in any doubt that he means nothing but niceness. France,… Continue reading The foreign policy of feebleness

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A feminist caute from a 100 years ago and Darwinist misunderstandings

Mass enrolment of women into heavy industry became commonplace in Europe with the outbreak of the First World War. For feminists the circumstance came as a mixed blessing. On the one hand it seemed to open to women a selection of previously unimaginable employments, while, on the other, it reasserted with deadening force the differential… Continue reading A feminist caute from a 100 years ago and Darwinist misunderstandings